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Who can't eat onions?


Onion is rich in nutritional value. Chinese medicine believes that onion is flat, sweet and pungent. It has the functions of stomach, digestion, liver-restoring, intestines, expectoration, diuresis, and sweating. It is a rare health food. Eating onions can sterilize and treat colds and stuffy nose. Nervous people can put onions on the pillows to improve sleep. It is the protagonist of European and American tables, known as the "Queen of Cuisine." A famous French chef once said that without onions, cooking techniques also disappeared. Switzerland has an onion festival, worships onions, prays for happiness, and regards onions as an incarnation of God. But onions also have some taboo crowds and precautions. Let's learn about them together.


Who can't eat onions?

Bad eyes

If the eyes are not particularly good, something like onions, onions, and garlic can't be eaten too much, because onions contain certain substances that are not very good for the eyes.

2. Yin or hot body physique

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the onion taste is pungent and hot, so people with Yin deficiency or partial body heat should eat less.

3. Kidney patients

It is recommended that kidney patients eat less onions. If they really want to eat, cut the onions and put them on the tap for 10 minutes to flush out the mineral phosphorus in the onions. Because too much phosphorus intake will increase the burden on the human kidney, so for some dialysis patients, we recommend that when you eat onions, rinse the onions with water first.

4, suffering from pruritus, suffering from eye diseases and stomach, lung and stomach inflammation eat less.

5, onion should not eat too much, easily lead to eyelid and fever.


Can't eat onions?

Onion + fish

Onions and fish cannot be eaten together. Fish is rich in protein, and onions and fish are eaten together. Oxalic acid in onions will decompose and destroy fish's abundant proteins, causing them to precipitate and not easily digested and absorbed by the body.

Onion + kelp

Onions cannot be eaten with seaweed. There are rich iodine and calcium in the kelp and oxalic acid in the onions. Together, they form a non-digestible precipitate. Therefore, it is easy to form stones when onions and kelp are eaten. edible.

Onion + Shrimp

Shrimp is rich in iodine and calcium. Onion contains oxalic acid. Together, they form a non-digestible precipitate. This is what we call calcium oxalate. It is easy to form stones, so it is easy to form stones with onions and shrimps. It is best not to eat together.

Onion + Shrimp

Onions cannot be eaten together with honey, because they are two kinds of ingredients, and when they are eaten together, they will have a variety of adverse effects on the eyes of human beings, which will cause the eyesight to decline and adversely affect the health of the eyes.

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